Employment Guidelines

The Faculty for Clubhouse Development Accreditation Employment Guidelines

The Employment Guidelines are used by Clubhouse International Accreditation Faculty as part of the process of reviewing the entire spectrum of opportunities provided by a Clubhouse community. The Faculty recognizes that each Clubhouse is unique, and considers employment in the context of the individual circumstances of each Clubhouse.

While the Faculty seeks the benchmarks defined below, mitigating circumstances are considered in evaluating a Clubhouse’s overall employment system. These include: prolonged economic recession; unusually high local unemployment; the recent loss of placements due to negative business conditions; and Clubhouses that attract an unusually high percentage of their active membership on a daily basis. The Clubhouse’s efforts to advocate for a local benefits system that poses less of a disincentive to members returning to paid employment are also considered in assessing a Clubhouse’s overall employment efforts.


• In order to provide sufficient employment opportunities for members, Clubhouse International Clubhouses should maintain a minimum of 50% of their average daily work-ordered day attendance (ADA-WOD) working on Standards-consistent jobs. At least 20% of the ADA-WOD should be working on Transitional Employment jobs.

Transitional Employment (TE)
• At least half of the Clubhouse’s TE jobs should be 12-20 hours per week.* The remainder of the jobs should have hours that are as vocationally significant as possible, as consistent with earned income restrictions in each country/region.
*Clubhouses in countries/regions in which working 12-20 per week would lead to major economic loss for members, should submit relevant documentation as part of their Clubhouse International Self-Study protocol.
• Active job development efforts made by the Clubhouse are considered in determining the Clubhouses adherence to benchmarks. Job development efforts are demonstrated through an assessment of detailed logs.
• The range of diversity of placements, the quality of placements and work sites, the level of pay, and all other issues that impact on the member’s overall experience of the placement will be taken into consideration (as outlined in the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs, Standard 22).

Supported and Independent Employment (SE/IE)
• The Clubhouse should demonstrate a substantial, organized effort to help members secure and sustain jobs without time limits.
• At least 50% of the Clubhouse’s SE/IE jobs should be 15 hours/week or more.
• A minimum of 12.5% of ADA-WOD should have started SE/IE jobs in the prior 12 months (including jobs that the member no longer has), with at least half of these being 15 hours a week or more.


Vi er et arbeidsfellesskap for de av oss som har psykiske helseutfordringer