What Clubhouses Do

The emergence of Clubhouses around the world demonstrates that people with mental illness can successfully participate in society through education, employment and other social activities.

Clubhouses offer people who have mental illness hope and opportunities to achieve their full human potential.  They provide:

  • A place where people with serious mental illness – who are known as “members” – participate in their own recovery process by working and socializing together in a safe and welcoming environment.
  • An organization that operates on proven standards coordinated by Clubhouse International and effective in over 300 Clubhouses worldwide since 1989.
  • A community-based approach that complements available psychiatric treatment.

The personal stories of members and their families and an increasing body of research provide evidence that Clubhouses provide a holistic, inspiring and cost-effective solution for people living with mental illness.

Vi er et arbeidsfellesskap for de av oss som har psykiske helseutfordringer