What is Accreditation? An evaluative and consultative process

September 3rd-6th Asker Fountainhouse is ready to do the Accreditation Site Visit.

Clubhouse International Accreditation™ is a symbol of quality – a clear demonstration of a Clubhouse’s commitment to excellence. Accredited Clubhouses displaying this icon are universally recognized as operating with a high level of compliance with the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs.™ Accreditation is awarded for either a one- or three-year period, subject to the degree of adherence by the Clubhouse to the Standards.

The Accreditation process is both evaluative and consultative. It is conducted by members of the Clubhouse International Faculty, which is composed of veteran members and staff from Accredited Clubhouses around the world. Together, we oversee a rigorous process that includes:

  1. Step One: The Self-Study
    The entire Clubhouse works together to prepare for the Accreditation visit, evaluating the Clubhouse performance in relationship to the Standards. Each area of the Clubhouse is reviewed and discussed at community meetings, unit meetings, and other special forums. The result of the self-study process is a written report from the Clubhouse to Clubhouse International and the Accreditation team, describing the Clubhouse and its areas of strength and relative weakness as seen by the members and staff.
  2. Step Two: The Site Visit
    Accreditation visits are made by members of Clubhouse International’s Faculty and last 3-4 days. The Faculty team confirms the information presented in the Self-Study, and meets with members, staff, board members and other stakeholders of the Clubhouse. At the end of the visit, the Faculty team presents their findings, highlighting both areas of strength for the Clubhouse and making recommendations for improvement. This report becomes the foundation for the written report submitted to Clubhouse International.
  3. Step Three: The Findings Report
    Upon completion of the Clubhouse visit, the Faculty team prepares and submits a written report to Clubhouse International, which includes: a detailed description of the Clubhouse, a review of the Clubhouse’s strengths, specific recommendations as to how the Clubhouse can improve and more fully comply with the Standards, and a recommendation to Clubhouse International regarding Accreditation status for the Clubhouse.
  4. Step Four: Accreditation Status
    After reviewing the report and reaching agreement, the faculty team awards one- or three-year Accreditation, or defers Accreditation, and forwards a letter indicating this Accreditation outcome, along with the written report, to the Clubhouse. Accreditation by Clubhouse International is a credential which affirms that a program is in fact operating as a Clubhouse, and is in substantial compliance with the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs.
  5. Step Five: Ongoing Consultation
    Ongoing consultation and technical support may continue with the Clubhouse International Faculty team even after the Accreditation process ends.
  6. Plus: Employment Guidelines
    The Employment Guidelines are used by the Faculty team as part of the process of reviewing the entire spectrum of opportunities provided by a Clubhouse.