Clubhouse expansion in Norway

Fontenehuset Asker was established in Spring 2016 by a group of dedicated volunteers who successfully applied for funding from the government. elementer_lange

Kilde: Clubhouse International newsletter

With strong support from the local community and the municipality, they have quickly become the the fastest growing Clubhouse in Norway. They are already thinking about getting a larger space.

The Clubhouse community is working hard to establish a safe, warm and friendly environment with a strong work oriented day. Members have been empowered to take a role in all aspects of the Clubhouse including working groups focused on media, food, economy, housing, gardening, job club, job support groups and young adults. Additionally, the Clubhouse is partnering with employers to create many exciting opportunities for members; already resulting in employment for 44% of the members.

Fontenhuset Asker has also created an entrepreneurship business, “Food on the Road”, which is in the process of developing a coffee shop in Asker and includes many employment opportunities, such as serving street food at local events.

Fontenhuset Asker is proud to be a part of the International Clubhouse network and looks forward to training at Mosaic Clubhouse in London in November and becoming accredited in 2018.